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Protecting Your Bronze Sculpture

Protecting your antique valuables is incredibly important if you wish to maintain their value. Because atmospheric elements constantly work on bronze surfaces after leaving the foundry, certain steps can be taken to preserve the original sculpture.  Here we have provided a couple of tips on how you may better protect your valuables:

1) Care & Cleaning

First and foremost take care make sure to display your bronze sculpture in a location that will best preserve it. For bonze pieces, well ventilated areas away from excessive heat and humidity work best. For example an attic or a basement may not be the best place for a bronze sculpture. When cleaning your sculpture make sure to use a soft cloth, shoe brush, or tooth brush. If you are de-degreasing use mild soap and distilled water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry.

2) Waxing Your Sculpture

When waxing or polishing your sculpture, we recommend using Mohawk Blue Label Paste or Renaissance Wax. Make sure to apply only a very thin and even coat of wax that should be applied with a soft rag or brush. If your sculpture is in a humid area, the item should be waxed more than if it is in a dry area. Finally, there is no harm in frequently waxing your item.

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