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Since the Great Recession, the demand for art has been on the rebound. As both traditional art enthusiasts and newcomers make purchases many are unaware as to the risk of their investment. Unfortunately, most people are ignorant to the fact that most insurance policies exclude: art, jewelry, antiques, and glass. It is common for people to amass large collections, but relatively few people actually know what their worth. Here we will offer a few ideas on how a Collector may adequately mitigate their risks.

1)Find out what your existing policy covers.

                Before or immediately after you purchase a piece of art, jewelry, antique, or other collectible you should examine your existing policy to see if that item is covered, or if you will need supplemental insurance. Often standard homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies have dollar limits for how much coverage they will provide for works of art and jewelry. In most cases, you will need to purchase a fine art endorsement.

2)What kind of additional coverage will you need.

                When it comes to more coverage, you can either insure the items individually with their own endorsements by getting them scheduled, or you can purchase a broader blanket policy. While scheduling your art, jewelry, or other collectibles may be more expensive, it is often the preferred method for mitigating risk. (Again this depends on the type of item being scheduled, your financial means, and how well you would like to be protected.)

3) Maintain records, and regularly schedule your artwork.

                According to some experts, the best way to mitigate one’s risk is by having your art and collectibles regularly appraised to substantiate their value. Having an up-to-date, appraisal can help ensure you get the proper value for your insured item. The appraisal can also act as an indicator to lower your insurance coverage in order to save money. For example after an appraisal you may want to drop an endorsement or insure an item for less. In order to maintain proper records experts suggest retaining a copy of the bill of sale, appraisal, provenance, and photographs.

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