how To Preserve Your Coin Collection

One of the most important things for any collector of history is to properly preserve their property. This is especially true for your coin collection. Properly storing your Coin Collection will keep it in mint condition and protect it from damage. Here are a few guidelines on how to properly preserve your Coin Collection.

Handling Coins Properly

The most important thing one can know about preserving their Coin Collection is how to handle their coins properly. When handling your coins the # 1 rule to remember is to hold a coin by its edges, so that the oils and acids on your skin do not come into contact with the face of the coin. Although some some people suggest wearing cotton gloves when inspecting a coin we certainly would not recommend it. Wearing gloves can make you lose tactile sensitivity in your fingers which may make you more clumsy, and thus more likely to drop the coin.

Establish a Work Space

As we already stated different acids and oils that occur naturally in your body or around your home can damage your Coin Collection if not handled properly. In order to make sure that there is no unnecessary contamination of your coins we suggest when handling them, to work in a clean environment. If that means dedicating a “work space”, then do it. For example, if you are photographing your coins, make sure you have the camera set up before you remove the coin from its case protector.

Don’t Breath On your Coins

As the heading suggests, don’t breath on your coins when you are inspecting the. Some coins have very fragile surfaces, and you may lose several grade points if the surface gets damaged. This rule also goes towards cleaning your coins with spit or saliva. As obvious as it may sound, spitting on your coins will damage them.  

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