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how To Insure Your Memorabilia Collection

When you receive an autograph from an athlete or celebrity, it can be a thrilling event. Unfortunately for most after receiving the autograph little is done to preserve the signature. Due to the natural components of air, dust, and sunlight after a few years the signature either fades or disappears completely. Being able to preserve an autograph so it won’t fade, run, or smear is paramount for any collector. To maintain the value and condition of your autograph follow these steps:

1) Allow the ink to dry.

After receiving the autograph, make sure that nothing touches the ink for at least 1 hour after the signature. This will make sure the ink does not smear.

2) Avoid excessive handling of the autographed baseball.

If you repeatedly touch, grip, or handle the autograph it can result in the smearing of the ink even it has dried already. Additionally oil secreted from your hands can fade the autograph.

3) Keep your autograph in a glass display case.

A proper display case will prevent uv rays from damaging the autograph over time. In addition it will protect the signature from being touched and smeared.

4) Maintain the proper environment for a signature.

It is believed that maintaining your autographs at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 50%.

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